otl101-post5 Reflections

I liked my post “So what have you learned?” I liked the picture I used and the fact that I was honest about the learning journey I’m on.

The two or three most important ideas from this course were the notion that feedback is an even larger piece in helping people learn than I realized. It also was striking that as teachers we’re often not on track when we give feedback.  I found the SOLO taxonomy very useful too.  While I used active verbs to describe learning objectives in the past, I never knew that it came from this taxonomy!

I am wondering how best to give students from communalistic backgrounds better feedback.  I will do some more reading and talk to peers about how they do this.  Additionally, I am thinking about how best to incorporate higher level thinking skills. I will look at what I do and see how it fits with those categories.

Specifically I will use pictures and video/audio clips when I teach.

I will add more higher level cognitive activities in my course.

I want to find out what feedback works best for my students and will survey them to get feedback.