otl201 Post 4 Learning Activities Portfolio

Strategies for effective group work in the Online Class

This link outlines reasons to use groups on-line as well as handy tips for what to include to make them successful. I can see using group activities in my course so learners can collaborate on discussing cases and brainstorm with one another about how to think logically about what needs to happen before an assessment occurs. This fits with my practice as I believe we generally don’t work in a vacuum and need to talk/work with our colleagues to best serve our clients. This activity means learners  use their interpersonal skills.

I plan to use group work in my course and will definitely keep the tips in mind in particular the ones around optimal group size.

otl201 Post 3 Learning Activities Portfolio


This handbook has lots of tips for teaching on-line.  In particular, it notes the importance of timely feedback by the instructor, the importance of tone and using more informal discourse. Additionally, it mentions the possible use of an on-line meeting place called “the virtual conference room” where “students post comments and findings after completing activities related to the course content (umass.edu).” This helps reduce isolation, keeps learners on task and gives instructors insight into what is and isn’t working in the course.

Sounds like a great idea to implement.

otl201 Post 2 Learning Activities Portfolio

Do we need ‘social butterflies’ in Online Learning Communities?

This link gives a good overview of why we need to build social connection in on-line learning communities and gives specific ideas about how to do that. I like the notion of having students and the instructor post a picture or avatar beside their posts.  I intend to do that in my course and will use many of the ideas listed to help build social connection.

otl201Post 1 Learning Activities Portfolio

http://ctcc.edu/sites/default/files/documents/Orientation Activities for the Start of Term.pdf

I’m new to teaching in a 100% on-line learning environment. I currently teach face-face using Blackboard in a hybrid learning environment. This means I need to start from the beginning in some ways.  The orientation activities from St. Cloud take students through class introductions, practicing submitting an assignment to dropbox and a practice quiz on the syllabus. It also discusses course structure and a course video from the instructor. This activity gives me a structured template for how to set things up for student success. I like that it keeps things simple but very friendly for students (and the instructor:)

Once I get my blackboard course, I will set up the activities for students to follow.