otl101 post 2 So what have I learned?

Taking this lesson helped me in a number of ways. Firstly once again I realize how much I still don’t know:) However it became apparent that some of the skills I have in face to face are boy thinking 93559072transferable as principles. The principles of respect, inclusion and connection include important elements of social and cognitive learning principles.

As for gaps between post 1 and now, the Garrison et al. (2004) article emphasized the importance of critical thinking and the components of creativity, problem solving, intuition and insight. I liked that they acknowledged the importance of intuition and insight as well as actively problem solving. It made me really wonder how to better include these elements in a course. The challenges of social presence and engagement became clearer to me.

As for the questions I’d like to explore:

how to best use triggering events to support educational outcomes

how to mobilize the community to talk to and learn from. How well does this work if there are only one or two students at a time?

how does one best assess people’s contributions?

how to encourage a greater frequency of responses for resolution and integration? Maybe application is even harder in on-line but its inclusion seems vital.

As for an example of effective cognitive presence, this course is a good example. We had to think about where we were starting from, engage with new ideas, think about the material, post our ideas for comments and then ponder how to apply what we’ve learned in our real life situations.